Navigation Restrictions and Your Florida Boat Insurance

Navigation Restrictions and Your Florida Boat Insurance: Enjoying Your Travels by Boat

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Chances are, if you have a boat and you live in South Florida, you spend a lot of time on the water. And for good reason- with gorgeous coastlines, spectacular ocean view and even better fishing, why wouldn't you? But do you know enough about where you navigate and if there are restrictions imposed by your Florida boat insurance? Here are a few things to consider for ensuring you get the most out of your travels by boat.

Inland and Ocean Boating
There's certainly plenty to see in South Florida. With a variety of inland lakes and rivers, ocean coastline and more, you can spend weeks traveling and never miss land. First class marinas and elegant dining make Florida boating a coveted pastime. Ft. Lauderdale, the yachting capital of the world, has more than 300 miles of inland waterways by itself, placing it in a class of its own. Miami boating is just as spectacular, and with only 50 miles from the Bahamas, it's truly a day trip to remember.

Know Your Navigational Restrictions
Traveling, exploring and enjoying Florida by boat is an exciting experience. But even with quality Florida boat insurance, you need to be prepared. In fact, every insurance policy has what are called "navigational limits". These are pre-determined areas where you can boat freely and still be covered in the event of damage or accident. Once you leave the navigational territory, if you haven't obtained specific permission from your insurance company, you may not be protected. It's important to know exactly where you can travel and when you need additional protection if any.

Choosing the Right Florida Boat Insurance
The right Florida boat insurance can give you peace of mind with a navigational territory that includes U.S. and Canadian Waters, even Mexico's pacific coast. Make certain to know exactly where the navigation extends for your policy. Coverage typically reaches 75 miles off the U.S. coastline, but in Florida, you can purchase additional coverage into the Bahamas and more.

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