Protecting Your Boat During Hurricane Season

Protecting Your Boat During Hurricane Season: Tips to Keep In Mind

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As a Florida resident, you're probably well aware of rain and wind storms. But as a boat owner, more than likely you're intimately familiar with the weather from June through November, during hurricane season. Weather has been known to cause significant damage to boats- despite the utmost care and planning. While you can't stop hurricanes from coming, knowing what to do before, during and after a storm can save you time, energy and maybe even a little money.

Before the Storm
The good part about Florida weather is that there is usually advance warning when a storm or hurricane is approaching. For boat owners, this is great news, giving them the time to make preparations and plans for the upcoming event. There isn't usually time to go shopping when a storm has been predicted, which is why it's critical to keep the right equipment on board and check to make sure everything is in working order. Having a plan in place is one of the easiest ways to prepare pre-storm. Check your electronics, equipment, rigging and even where you plan on moving your boat (if possible) in the event a storm is approaching and you need to implement your plan.

During the Storm
In the event a storm is coming, it's always best to move your boat to a safe location- out of water. But for many Florida boaters, that's simply not possible. Make sure to remove or secure all projectile items and leave enough room with lines and buoys for your boat to shift during the storm. Take pictures of your boat preparations before you seek shelter yourself and remember to secure copies of all important documentation and take them with you to a dry, safe location.

After the Storm
While most boat owners are anxious to inspect their boat after a storm has passed, it's always a smart strategy to wait until the weather conditions have lessened and the roads are safe to travel. However, it's critical that you assess any damage as soon as possible and take photos of your boat in exactly the condition you find it, before you re-secure it. Written documentation as well as before and after photos will be the best help for your Florida boat insurance company to process any claims you may have. Make sure to check for water damage as well as any damage to the topside, hull and cleats.

Choose Reliable Florida Boat Insurance for Peace of Mind The importance of securing quality, dependable insurance for your boat cannot be underestimated. With hurricane season responsible for millions of dollars in damage to the Florida boating community every year, it's simply expected that boat owners will secure the coverage they need to feel confident and secure. Taking the right steps to protect your investment is sound strategy and the best way to continue to enjoy your boat worry-free.

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