Benefits of Having Commercial Marine Insurance in Florida

Benefits of Having Commercial Marine Insurance in Florida

Every year, Florida attracts millions of entrepreneurial spirits looking to make a living on the water. And with one of the largest commercial marine industries in the United States, it's easy to see why Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or even Daytona commercial marine insurance has grown in popularity over the past few decades. With thousands of Floridians owning and operating marine related businesses, having reliable, quality commercial marine insurance is simply expected.

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All business comes with financial responsibility, but the marine industry is unique in that customized insurance coverage is critical for ensuring you and your business stay protected. Unlike with a pleasure craft, when you make your living on the water, the risks increase substantially. Whether you're engaged in commercial fishing, charter boat services or simply rent boats or personal watercraft to happy travelers, commercial marine insurance significantly benefits your business.

Protect Against Liabilities
If you are one of the hundreds of successful entrepreneurs who have chosen to create a business renting boats or personal watercraft, you understand the importance of securing quality commercial marine insurance. Not only is it a requirement to operate, but Marine Liability insurance is simply a good idea. From Miami to Jacksonville watercraft liability, premises liability and even hull coverage are essential protections for ensuring both you and your guests are covered in the event something were to happen.

Safeguard Your Business Investment
Worker's Compensation, Legal Liability, Crime Protection, Catastrophic Damage You've worked hard to build the business of your dreams- the hippest boat club in the state. For building friendships, sharing hobbies or providing a lucrative source of income for deckhands or wait staff, boat clubs are great business opportunities. But, from an insurance perspective, there are tons of issues that make owning and operating a successful boat club a serious responsibility.

From providing adequate protection of your guests' investments to maintaining proper worker's compensation benefits or safeguarding again st catastrophic damage, commercial marine insurance offers protection you simply can't go without. Securing your business in an unpredictable industry is strategic, smart and a wise decision. It's certainty in an uncertain environment and it just makes sense.

Protecting Inventory: Yacht Dealerships and Brokers
The risk of theft or vandalism is extremely high in the marine industry. Particularly for a Florida yacht dealership, Orlando commercial marine insurance is simply non-negotiable and critical for protecting the millions of dollars of inventory that sits on your lot. General Liability coverage protects your dealership from property damage or bodily injury and Marina Operators Legal Liability (MOLL) protects you legally in the event a boat is damaged while under your care.

Yacht brokers insurance offers protection against specific risks inherent with the occupation such as bodily injury, property damage or legal liability resulting from errors in advertising. Besides, most marinas in the state require insurance documentation to show boats on their premises.

Commercial marine insurance is varied and far reaching. From Naples power boat rental to Daytona Beach yacht dealerships or boat clubs, every business that relies on the marine industry benefits by securing reliable commercial marine insurance. It's smart, strategic and in some cases, required by law to run your business.

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