Additional Coverage on your Policy and Coverage for Your Fishing Gear

Additional Coverage on your Boat Policy and Coverage for Your Fishing Gear

You've saved for a long time to afford the perfect boat - it's a big part of your leisure time and you understand the importance of protecting it with quality, reliable boat insurance. But you've also worked hard to accumulate the perfect fishing gear- it took years in fact. And now that you've finally got the right equipment, you don't want to take chances with it by not having the appropriate insurance. After all, the peace of mind in knowing your gear is protected makes it easy for you to relax, unwind and enjoy the open water.

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Traditional Boat Insurance Coverage
Whether you're in Miami, Jacksonville or anywhere between, most boat insurance policies cover you for Bodily Injury, Property Damage Liability and Physical Damage. This protects you legally in the event you are involved in an accident causing damage to someone or something. Typical Orlando boat insurance or even a Palm Beach boat insurance policy covers the costs to repair or replace damaged property and the cost of damage to your own boat and trailer.

Optional Coverage
In addition to traditional coverage, most boat insurance gives you the option to purchase additional coverage. Specifically, for expensive fishing rods and reels, other personal property, coverage for injuries caused by an uninsured boater, wreckage removal, pollution liability and medical payments. In most cases, your trailer is considered part of your primary boat insurance and is covered for physical loss or damage.

Personal Effects
Many people carry expensive personal items on their boats and as a result, there's usually an option for purchasing what is referred to as "Personal Effects" insurance. Personal effects can be anything from jewelry to cell phones or cameras to scuba equipment. In most cases, fishing equipment can be considered a personal effect, but the maximum amount covered is low. If you have expensive equipment, it's a much better decision to pursue actual Fishing Equipment coverage.

Fishing Equipment
For the avid fisherman who has expensive equipment, Fishing Equipment insurance is simply a smart decision. With the investment of costly rods, reels and related equipment in the balance, it just makes sense to protect your gear. Most boat insurance policies give you the option of purchasing additional coverage for your fishing gear which includes, rods and reels, lures, rigs and line, tackle boxes, depth finders and even trolling motors. Often, the coverage has maximum allowances, but most extend to at least $5,000.

In some instances, Fishing Equipment insurance comes with Tournament Coverage and Fee Reimbursement insurance as well. This is simply coverage and reimbursement for fees and related charges you pay to enter a tournament. In the event you miss the date on account of a personal injury or loss/damage to your boat, your money is returned.

Wreckage Removal/Roadside Assistance
Wreckage Removal insurance is available to protect your boat and the costs related to towing in the event you need to have a sunken boat removed or a damaged vessel removed from a certain area.

Pollution Liability
With the costs associated with an accidental fuel spill or other pollution-related accident, Pollution Liability protection may be a wise option to consider. Most policies provide at least $500,000 worth of coverage.

Medical Payments
Medical Payments coverage protects you and your guests from any medical costs due to an injury while on the boat. Again, its an option you are not required to carry in the state of Florida, but well worth it if and when an accident happens.

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