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Yacht and Mega Yacht Insurance

Yachts and mega yachts are the some of the most complex and challenging assets to insure. With a wide range of mega yacht specific risks, the benefit of having high-end yacht and mega yacht insurance is undeniable. Not only will your yacht insurance policy protect your investment against damage while on the road, water or storage, but will also protect you against liability arising from using your yacht or mega yacht. Luxury yachts are considered vessels valued at $250,000 or higher in value and are a unique investment which deserves to be protected by the best
yacht insurance coverage possible. Get customized yacht and mega yacht insurance coverage in Florida from B.I.A. & Company will ensure that your highly valued asset stays protected and safe...

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Boat Insurance Policies

Boating is a great activity, whether you're on the open ocean in a sleek modern sailboat, an 80 foot mega yacht or even in a smaller power boat. Maintaining and operating your boat is exhilarating, entertaining, and exciting, but can also be a huge responsibility. And while there are many enjoyable hours ahead for soaking up the sunshine, securing quality dependable boat insurance should be a top priority and is something you can't afford to do without. Besides, with the high cost and uncertainties surrounding the boating industry, for the uninsured, even a small incident can be hurt financially. Boat insurance is a best bet for all types of marine vessels. Whether you enjoy a leisurely Saturday afternoon trolling or you own a luxury yacht - it's security, safety and it simply makes complete sense...

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Marine Insurance Florida

Marine insurance protects a wide range of watercraft and marine related items from theft, damage or loss. Just about any kind of boating vessel can be covered including speedboats, sailboats, luxury yachts, mega yachts, personal watercraft "PWC" like jet skis, even a small dinghy. In many states, including Florida, boat and marine insurance isn't a requirement, unless you are still making payments on a bank loan. Even if you own your boat, at the very least, liability insurance is highly recommended. Besides, many marinas won't even allow you to store your boat on their premises without having boat insurance coverage. At B.I.A & Company we insure Jet Skis to Mega Yachts, speed boats to dinghies...and every kind of marine vessel in between...

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